Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Music Chill

Dean has called out Patti Smith as a beacon for female singers who came after, but I always liked Joan Baez, despite her politics. Here is something sung by Joan, originally by Woodie Guthrie, sure to stir things up among my readers. But just remember that that the tragedy of which this song makes mention is really the result of the failure of the federal government, see my discussion on the meaning of compassion. So I am, without irony, adopting "Plane Wreck at Los Gatos" as the unofficial secure the borders song, from your unofficial chief ideologist, from your leaderless and unaffiliated Tea Party movement.


  1. I don't recall this song having as much of a country and western flavor now that I'm hearing it again for the first time in years. Nice.

    Hey, she utters the term "illegal". Racist.

  2. I can hear Pop's voice in my head as I remember this song.

  3. Dean,
    I caught that country thing too. Guess that is why Dolly Parton did a version.

    And you still turned out alright.