Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Firing of Juan Williams Was Racist. . .

. . . but not in the manner that most people associate with racism. I realize, I am late to the game posting on this subject. (Also having a computer problem with my fairly new iMac, so if anyone who is reading this works for Apple, I expect a call tomorrow.) Ask yourself this, if a white analyst on NPR were to say the thing that Juan William said, would he be fired? My answer is probably not, because his comments would never get the publicity that Williams' received. This is where the racism comes in. Juan Williams was targeted for appearing on Fox, because he was a black man. Every time he strayed from the lefty party line, it was news, because of the racist view that blacks can only have left wing opinions. That's the real racism here, and it is endemic to the whole of the mainstream journalistic community. Exit question, what does it say about those who falsely characterize the Tea Party as racist, when they hold a racist prejudice about blacks?

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  1. Juan believes he was forced from his job for appearing on FOX. He is one of the brightest liberal minds and just like the ABoV got to see media bias and the stifling of our 1st ammendment first hand.

  2. Dawg,
    I agree. I always liked Juan Williams. I also liked Alan Colmes when he was on Fox. I thought he often made Hannity look churlish, although that isn't tough.