Sunday, October 24, 2010

Close Vote on Proposition D

Today's U-T reports that the survey it commissioned shows the vote on Proposition D, the half cent sales tax increase, is a very tight contest. Unlike Proposition J, this only needs a 50% vote to pass. That's actually all of the bad news, because I see quite a bit of good news in the survey.

  • The survey shows that the more people know about the proposition the less likely they are to vote for it.

  • The survey is of registered voters, not likely voters. My belief is that Tea Party energy makes the No's more likely to vote.

  • Some of those interviewed were considered reluctant supporters, who didn't trust politicians to carry out the reforms.

This last bullet reinforces my point that the best way to argue against this proposition is to demand that the politicians first keep their promises to us and pass all of the reforms that are purportedly part of the package before we give them more money. For all the reasons to vote No, please see the No on D website, and get a yard sign or donate.

Graphic courtesy of San Diego Union-Tribune.

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