Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today's Rally in Oceanside

Before we we get into today's events, I wanted to let my readers know about Sarah Bond's appearance in today's U-T. She is featured as one of four Tea Party patriots profiled. I am again struck by how this movement is powered by the efforts of ordinary Americans. Dawn is also quoted, with some choice words for the political establishment.

“The Republican Party keeps spoon-feeding us the same crappy candidates,” complained Wildman, 47, a North Park resident and coordinator for Tea Party Patriots
And about Sarah:

A graphics artist by trade, she was a passive Republican until 2008. That year, she watched in dismay as a Republican president signed the Troubled Asset Relief Program, authorizing the Treasury Department to buy up to $700 billion in risky mortgages and other securities. Then, in 2009, came the new Obama administration’s $787 billion stimulus package.

“Capitalism is a self-correcting system,” she said. “Some banks would have collapsed. But let the successful companies take their place.”

It was good to see so many people show up with a Charger game in progress, pathetic though it was. The speakers that I saw hit the nail on the head with the emphasis on smaller government. Richard Rider, who has been speaking on these subjects for many years, hit the nail on the head in this snippet of his speech.

Many of the speakers hit on the Proposition 23 debate, and of course I agree that this is important. I was able to pick up a lawn sign for the proposition. But what caught my eye was Proposition 25. This proposition would suspend the need for a 2/3 majority to pass tax increases in the legislature. Look at what Richard Rider said above, if this proposition passes, then California will lead the country with the highest taxes in all categories. The No on 25 campaign has not been that visible to me, but it gets my vote as the most important proposition campaign going. Here is their web site, so please go there and contribute.

Proposition 25 scares me. Support has dropped from 65% to 46% for the measure but still leads the No votes which polls at 30%. The good news is that when support drops under 50%, propositions tend not to pass, as undecideds tend to go for the status quo. See the article on the polling here. The other good news is that the poll is for registered, rather than likely voters and I think that Tea Party leaning voters are more highly motivated than others.

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