Saturday, October 2, 2010

Decriminalization of Marijuana

By now, you are probably aware that Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill to decriminalize marijuana possession of less than an ounce. While I support the measure, I have to ask, why in the heck is this a legislative priority a vastly overdue budget and a state struggling with a ballooning pension problem? Some other fabulousness from your state legislature you may have missed, while they were busy not passing a budget. (Much like the Federal congress, and both institutions have heavy Democrat majorities, hmmm.) Some examples from the WSJ:

  • A bill that would ban filming cows in New Zealand.
  • A long debate over whether to save "serpentine" as the state rock.
  • Motorcycle Awareness Month.
  • Cuss free week. (I shit you not).
  • Finally, and without any sense of irony, April was Financial Aid and Literacy Month.

Rumor is out there that a budget deal has been reached, but it is being kept secret. Easy to predict that it will stink, use gimmicks to close the budget gap and kick long term problems down the road where they will only get worse. I got five bucks on this, any takers?


  1. And we need to smoke weed because ... why?

  2. KT,
    We don't need to, but some people might want to, which is their God given right IMHO.

  3. Dooooode! Who is going to film cows in New Zealand but the tokers? I would say, "your kidding, right?" but...apparently I am not shitted.

  4. This was to prevent those happy cow commercials for California milk from being filmed overseas.