Sunday, October 3, 2010

Question of the Day

The Tea Party worked hard to purge racists from its ranks. So why it is acceptable for the left to include the Communist Party in their weekend "One Nation" rally? There was a time in this country when labor unions purged communists from their ranks.

BTW, Left Coast Rebel, Temple of Mut, and Shane Atwell have some great coverage contrasting the One Nation Rally with Glenn Beck's August event.


  1. Because there is no real sin except racism and hypocrisy. Adherence to an ideology that has claimed upwards a 100 million lives... not so much.

    The purging of which you speak was largely done on the broad shoulders of Samuel Gompers who gets great credit for organizing but very little for his real importance in seeing the labor movement not infected by the disease of collectivism.

  2. Dean,
    Thanks, spot on. Accurate though your explanation is, I am still dumbfounded.

  3. Because communism has lost its stigma and America has lost historical perspective. Everyone has become "team" players, especially on the left. Thank God for the Tea Party purging and reforming Republican ranks.