Monday, October 25, 2010

The Perfect Closing Argument - UPDATE

P.J. O'Rourke makes the perfect closing argument this election season as to why one should vote Republican, and surprise, it's not because Republicans are so worthy of our love and devotion, because they aren't. Please allow this little rant. They ran up deficits and expanded government power through Medicare Part D and extra-legal of the prosecution of the war on terror. They invented TARP and the first bailouts. They took the public good will over the war on terror and used it feather their own nests and further their own power. They caved on free trade. Their total incompetence made the supermajorities that Obama enjoyed, the vehicle on which the largest power grab in American history was transported. They sucked eggs and deserved to be thrown out of office for the bums they were.

So after that resounding endorsement, why should we vote for "dese bums?" 'Casue dose uddah bums are worser. As P.J. O'Rourke points out in his inimitable style, Democrats hate you:

Democrats hate Democrats most of all. Witness the policies that Democrats have inflicted on their core constituencies, resulting in vile schools, lawless slums, economic stagnation, and social immobility. Democrats will do anything to make sure that Democratic voters stay helpless and hopeless enough to vote for Democrats.

. . .

Democrats hate immigrants. Immigrants can’t stay illegal because illegality puts immigrants outside the legal monopoly on force. But immigrants can’t become legal either. They’d prosper and vote Republican.

Democrats hate America being a world power because world power gives power to the nation instead of to Democrats.

And Democrats hate the military, of course. Soldiers set a bad example. Here are men and women who possess what, if they chose, could be complete control over power. Yet they treat power with honor and respect. Members of the armed forces fight not to seize power for themselves but to ensure that power can bestow its favors upon all Americans.

This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order. Power has been trapped, abused and exploited by Democrats. Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

The whole article is worth a read. My closing argument? Nancy Pelosi makes my case for me:


Ed Koch, former Democrat Mayor of New York, must be channeling P.J. as he predicts a Republican tsunami because of Democrat ineptitude. He says that if the Republicans had any decent leadership it would have been worse. Worse? Just read the article.


  1. Why can't any of the Republican candidates rebut the Democrat argument, "we can't go back to the policies that brought us here"

    The simple rebuttal is,” the new administration is providing more of the same policies that brought us here"

    Where is the contention these anti-Bushies have additionally run up deficits, provided bailouts that make the first TARP look like petty theft, made the Republican power grab of Medicare look like stealing paper from the copy room, and took credit for the military's job well done?

    Who is writing schtick for the Republicans? Somebody needs to present the fact this administration is out-Bushing Bush!

  2. Spot on Dawg. Dean has been all over this as well.

  3. Voting only provides legitimacy to an organization of tyrannical thugs that are not legitimate. I hate to say it but once one realizes how utterly ignorant most are to the reality of the situation then one realizes the only legitimate thing to do is withdrawal ALL consent thereby officially removing the "just powers of government".

    The situation is so hopeless that even the best intentions are not going to solve the issues. The enemies are not only inside the gates but they have changed the very structure to which they execute power; see Section 7 of the California Penal Code and search for San Diego Superior Court's DUNS number. It is not the government it is a corporation in the same name just as your NAMED identity is a corporation in the same name. The consequences of these facts are more severe than most can even imagine.

    Who is the creator of these Corporations? This is the only thing that matters in the strictest legal sense because according to the Organic Law section of US code unalienable rights are "endowed by their creator". The creator of the corporation endows the rights and guess what; Nature's God is not the creator of these corporations. The Banks are (World Bank/IMF)! They created your identity as a corporation and hence they get to endow the rights of your identity.

    If you vote you have been fooled into providing the legitimacy they need to continue their fraud. I have found almost none who have broken the code of the corporate creator that is now de facto in every action taken by the Government against the people and it appears that even legitimately concerned people like those on here won't dig into history and law to see exactly what happened.

    It is going to take much deeper research to understand the enemy we face. Our enemy is our own ignorance and our own intellectual laziness...

    Do you think they are going to just hand over control of the world's most powerful military force to whomever the masses choose through voting???


    If you believe this then you have lost your mind. They control the military so that they can control the whole world including YOU! This is the laws of Nature you are dealing with. Stop legitimizing them. Stop voting!

  4. Anonymous,
    That's quite the rant you've got going. I am actually sympathetic to some portions of your argument, but ultimately, we the people have to take charge and vote. The alternative is civil war, and we tried that once and it didn't turn out so well.

  5. B-daddy,

    Didn't mean to be to harsh but my real point is that maybe the real problem is that each of us, including me, have lost the fundamental principles of the rule of law entirely through consent with each and every precedent we set i.e. every contract we sign, every agreement we accept as face value. Each of us is not required to sign ANY contract but we do so and we do not even modify these contracts we simply sign carte blanche and thus set the precedent individually with every contract we sign. This has nothing to do civil war and every thing about negotiating a contract.

    When one wakes up to how contract law is all law then the path for stopping the nightmare we face becomes perfectly clear. It is not through civial war, which is total failure, or through voting, it is through negotiating every contract or even declining all offers from the government to contract to protect your own INDIVIDUAL rights. When each individual realizes their true freedom to contract then the solution to our failed tyrannical state comes through the courts and proper notification for failure to carry out justice if that becomes the result. If every person who voted declined to sign all of their rights away voluntarily to the state then the tide would turn instantly.

    Voting is always the lesser of two evils where protecting your individual natural rights means no more driver's licenses, permits, parking tickets, speeding tickets, drug war, NOTHING for non commercial entities except answering when another equal man or woman is accepting liability for a criminal or civil accusation! All of the "just powers" of statutory regulation are derived from contracts that each of us voluntarily sign with NO obligation to do so in the first place. This is the ignorance that is our enemy because individuals engaging in these contracts sets the bar through their precedent of action and then everyone loses their foundational principles because the bar of normality is constantly set lower through thoughtless ignorant actions by each individual. Think about it: military personnel literally sign ownership of their physical body to a group with a history of tyrannical activity. Talk about setting the bar low..

    So I say awareness of foundational principles first. These principles are so sound that every single court case I have reviewed it is equal; 100%of the people who win never consent and 100% of the people who lose consent to jurisdiction for any State criminal action. Can you imagine 300 million people standing up for their rights everyday in court? The court would learn about contract law and the Laws of Nature IMMEDIATELY because everything would grind to a screetching halt! The beginning of the end of the tyranny would ignite and then the politicians and media would lose domination over the the 'public debate'. This is REAL POWER!

    Besides the Voting machines are rigged. Its not legitimate.