Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Twatter, Fazeborg, and Gulagoogle

The big tech companies are treading dangerous ground. They are lying to their users, and by extension they are lying to their advertising. But before I explain, a quick note about twatter. Twitter, whose founder, Jack Dorsey, never saw a fascist jackboot he didn't want to shine with his own spittle, is an outrage amplification machine. Something about the media is addicting. And the more the outrage, the more addicting it feels. I honestly have been getting better night sleep by limiting my daily exposure to Twitter.

The basic problem with big tech is that their claim to be neutral in American politics in the dialogue between right and left is provably false. Everyone knows this intuitively, yet they all continue to claim how evenhanded they are.

Scott Adams has stated this more eloquently than I will be able to. In describing his position if he is in fact being shadowbanned, he said.
If one political party can use the machinery of social networks to reduce free speech, that is an attack on American values at the deepest level. As a patriot, I would feel obligated to help kill Twitter. (And you wouldn’t want to bet against me.) 
I understand Twitter is looking for a buyer. If management is shadowbanning me, that would be breach of fiduciary responsibility, screwing both the shareholders and the employees who hope the company can be purchased. In my view, shadowbanning would make Twitter too toxic to own. That toxicity – treason in my view – would transfer to the buyer.
There are two key issues, one moral, one legal.  Let's take the legal one first.  If the search/promotion/display policies of any of these platforms claim to be neutral, but in fact are being manipulated actively for political reasons but the stated policy of the network is to let the users decide, then they may run afoul of the law, as advertisers using their platforms aren't getting what is expected.  Scott Adams nails the ethical piece, as claiming to be a free speech platform, but secretly suppressing speech is tantamount to treason to our nation's founding principles.

I especially loathe Jack Dorsey and hope he eventually suffers the traditional penalty meted out to traitors.


Reader Foxfier provides a helpful link about a suit brought by American Freedom Law Center on this topic against Twitter and Facebook.  This suit will probably lose, but I like the "public square" argument, that these platforms form the equivalent of a street corner, where the free speech of individuals can't be suppressed based on viewpoint.

I would love to see lawsuits based on securities violations or false advertising by these corporations, because I think they are more vulnerable there.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

If You Don't Know, Vote NO!

My TrumpNation Guide To California Ballot Propositions.

In the off chance that Hillary won't destroy the Republic if elected or that Donald Trump will benefit from a miracle from God, there are propositions in California that have the potential to do more damage.  My policy positions align with Trump's in that we seek to end to the endless corruption whereby globalist corporations use the forces of government to screw ordinary (that is deplorable) Americans.  Since most ballot propositions proceed from these monied interests or the from the Democratic party, but I repeat myself, follow this simple advice.  If you don't know, Vote No!

Proposition 51. $9 billion in bonds for education and schools. NO
More money for the rat hole of the public education system. Privatizing all schools will kill the teacher's unions, a never ending source of corruption in politics.

Proposition 52. Voter approval of changes to the hospital fee program. NO
It's supposed to save MediCal, so No.  Also, every time we make it harder to use legislative discretion to balance the budget, it is used as an excuse to raise taxes.

Proposition 53. Projects that cost more than $2 billion. YES
Forces a public vote on revenue bonds over $2 billion.  Revenue bonds are supposed to be paid for by future income, which never actually shows up.  This might help reign in the legislature.

Proposition 54. Conditions under which legislative bills can be passed. YES
Publish legislation on the internet for 72 hours prior to a vote.  Sure, why not, just adds to the late Friday bad news dump we're already used to.

Proposition 55. Personal income tax increases on incomes over $250,000. NO
We haven't driven enough business owners and upper middle class out of California?

Proposition 56. Increase the cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack. NO
Of course, they are coming after all you #Deplorables who smoke.  As we have seen in New York City with the death of Eric Garner, cigarette taxes kill.

Proposition 57. Felons convicted of non-violent crimes. NO
More loosening up of criminal justice system, which is already a disaster.  We saw a surge in shoplifting from the last Proposition 47 which reduces sentencing for smaller crimes.

Proposition 58. Repeal ban on Bilingual education in public schools. NO
We're in America, speak English.  Also, English immersion has helped Hispanics assimilate, so the left is pissed and wants to keep them down.

Proposition 59. Repeal the First Amendment. NO
Directs the California delegation to work to overturn Citizens United.

Proposition 60.  Require the use of condoms in pornographic films. NO
Are you f***ing kidding me?  Also, this would make the real names of pornographic film performers public, because... who knows.

Proposition 61.  Prescription drug price regulationsNO
Make the state pay less for drugs. How? Who knows? Unintended consequences?  

Proposition 62. Repeal the death penalty. YES
I don't trust the government to fairly administer the death penalty.  Also, look at all the special circumstances that merit consideration of the penalty; how much longer before being a #deplorable merits death?

Proposition 63. Background checks for ammunition purchases. NO
You bitter clingers aren't getting enough police state surveillance? Take this.

Proposition 64. Legalization of marijuana and hemp. NO
Here is where I change from conservative-libertarian to nationalist. Marijuana isn't good for productivity of working class and upper middle class Americans.  We need to change the culture on this as well.  KTCat would approve of my change of heart.

Proposition 65. Grocery and retail carry-out bags. NO
I have no idea what this is, but the left is saying No, so that Proposition 67 can pass, which is more stupider.  I say vote No on all of them.

Proposition 66. Speed Up Death penalty procedures. NO
Speeds up death penalty procedures.  Since I oppose death penalty, I also oppose this.

Proposition 67. Prohibition on plastic single-use carryout bags. NO
How am I supposed to pick up dog poop without left over plastic bags.  I reuse all the plastic bags i get from the grocery store, so all of the arguments for this are lies.