Fan Fiction - T22 Chapter 1

Garrett pounded his head on his desk, how was he going to escape work this late on a Friday night?  His mouth was watering for a Pietini and a Cherry Crumble, and he was supposed to meet up with Allie and Mike.  Meanwhile his computer was rebooting and he hadn't finished recompiling code for a web security project that was already overdue. The reboots were getting more frequent after the WannaCry outbreaks; but Garrett couldn't help but feel he was being conditioned to the despair of staring at the swirling circle.  Just like a toilet bowl, where my night is headed.  He also thought, why the hell do we use stinking Microsoft products when we're one of the biggest software companies ourselves?  It wasn't well known that, besides being home to the second biggest online retailer in the world, the Amazing Data Warehouses (ADW) employed an army of programmers and security specialists to house the web content of their own online stores and for other huge firms.  Finally, the reboot was complete.  45 minutes later Garrett was out the door.

Luckily, Allie and Mike hadn't left the pie bar, which stayed open late for the nerd set, presumably.  The bitterness of the slow reboot wouldn't leave Garrett. After greeting the couple, he unloaded on Mike.  "What the hell is up with all the reboots of your fucking OS?" Mike was taken aback by the vehemence of the question. "Really, this is on me? Clearly you need more than one drink."  "Well, who the hell does the programming that hackers are finding a flaw every few days now?" asked Garret.  "It's those pricks at the NSA, they keep getting hacked and crap gets released into the wild." Allie chimed in.  "Ok, that doesn't  really address this absurdity. Why does the NSA find so many flaws to release in the first place?" Garret was incredulous at their answers.  Mike slowly looked around and sort of half-whispered "That's a good question. All of these hacks seem to come out of the NT Kernel, but that shit's so old, we all wonder who maintains it. Could be Bill Effing Gates for all I know."


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