Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Image of the Day

Questions for Democrat members of the House of Representatives: "How are those votes on porkulus and Obamacare working out for you?" "Doing any campaigning with Nancy Pelosi?

Graphic from Realclearpolitics showing the trend in leans/solid Republican House seats (red line) vs. leans/solid Democrat House (blue line) seats over time.

Temple of Mut
repeats a warning from Stromata Blog, that bears repeating here (the whole article is worth a read):

5 reasons not to get cocky.

1. It’s not enough to win; you have to win by more than the margin of fraud.
2. An unenthusiastic vote counts just as much as an enthusiastic one.
3. Money still talks, and Dem money talks louder and smarter.
4. If lying didn’t work, nobody would do it.
5. The pollsters are skating on stilts.

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