Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Howard Wayne's Campaign Called

This evening a campaign worker for Howard Wayne called. Here is the transcript:

Caller: Good evening, I'm calling on behalf of "Prosecutor" Howard Wayne.

B-Daddy: Hello, how are you.

[unintelligible due to background noise, I have teens in the House] ...Caller: supported by the firefighters.

B-Daddy: Sorry, what were you saying?

Caller: Did you know that Howard is supported by the firefighters.

B-Daddy: Yes.

Caller: Are you supporting Howard Wayne?

B-Daddy: No, he is supported by the firefighters.

Caller: Can I ask why?

B-Daddy: He is supported by the firefighters, I am not voting for any candidate in this election supported by the the public employees unions.

Caller: Thank you, goodbye.

I posted earlier, where I thought that Howard Wayne's campaign understood the problems with support from public employees unions, but I guess this caller didn't get the memo. Also wondering why I got called again, apparently they aren't keeping good track of who they call. Also, notice how they refer to him as "prosecutor," not former Assemblyman, Howard Wayne.


  1. "I am not voting for any candidate in this election supported by the the public employees unions."

    But you'll vote for a ballot measure supported by the public employee unions? Prop B, B-Daddy.

    And, didn't Meg Whitman just pick up some of the police unions?

  2. Dave,
    Thanks for commenting. With respect to Proposition B, I was barely in favor and it is not a candidate and it does not appear to increase the budget.
    With respect to Meg Whitman, yeah, I saw that, and was unhappy, thinking she has cut a backroom deal. But you've got to admit that Jerry Brown is getting far more union support.

  3. Thanks for responding.

    Regarding Prop B....

    From the Fiscal Impact Statement:

    "The average salary of attorneys may increase over time as the average length of service to the City increases, but the estimated increased salary cost is unknown."


    I find it kinda hypocritical for Jan Goldsmith, Carl DeMaio et al to rail against blank checks, especially when it comes to employee pensions...and then to fully support a union-backed measure in which the fiscal impact is unknown.

    On the other point...Yeah, Jerry Brown does have far more union support. I just wanted to point that you are voting for at least one candidate supported by a public employees union. I don't fault you for endorsing Whitman--but it seems limited union support isn't a negative but not a complete deal breaker for you.