Saturday, October 16, 2010

Elections Odds and Ends

It's a slow news weekend here at The Liberator, so I have a few odds and ends from the California campaign trail.

First, in my Congressional District (CA-53) Susan Davis is almost sure to beat challenger Michael Crimmins due to gerrymandering. I voted for Tea Party supporter C. Mason Weaver in the primary, after hearing him speak. However, I have to give credit to the Crimmins campaign. His campaign signs are everywhere in the district, especially on my drive to work.

His message is simple and spot on, taxes, jobs, spending are in fact the key issues facing Congress. I got an email from his campaign, that could have only been generated by an individual, not a program, scanning social media for like minded conservatives.

Dear Big Daddy,

Are you available to volunteer in the Crimmins For Congress Campaign Headquarters between now and election day?

We will be open at least from 10am to 4pm each week day and could really use your help.

Please e-mail me back and let me know.

Thank you,

HQ Office Manager & Deputy Finance Director Michael Crimmins, Republican Nominee For Congress (CA-53)
I was a little amused to be addressed as "Big Daddy" not B Daddy, since the B stands for something other than Big. I haven't replied, because I am more involved in other efforts, but I applaud the Crimmins campaign. He definitely has my vote, though.

I neglected to link to W.C. Varones guide to California candidates earlier, but after further review, I have to disagree with a few. It is a sad commentary on the state of the Republican party in California that Tea Party types can not find consensus on whom to endorse for statewide office.

So here are some reasons for disagreeing with a couple of his selections.
  • I am supporting Meg Whitman for governor, holding my nose, perhaps. Here's why, the public employee unions are going all out to defeat her and they have clearly become public enemy number one. The enemy of my enemy...
  • I cannot support Gavin Newsom ever, for anything, not dog catcher, to even to drink a glass of Lagunitas with. Abel Maldonado may deserve our scorn, but can one really vote for Newsom? As W.C. points out: "Yes, he screwed his best friend's wife. And yes, he has his own body count, having protected an illegal alien gang member who went on to murder a family in cold blood." And he will no doubt, raise your taxes if he can. I'll be voting Libertarian.
The conventional wisdom is that Carly Fiorina has only an outside chance of beating Barbara Boxer. I fervently hope for this to be a stunning upset. What gives me hope? Boxer seldom breaks 50% in any poll. I just can't see the undecideds breaking heavily her way. Fiorina has been running devastating commercials. Short on substance, but they hammer away that Boxer is part of the problem in Washington. It's true, but I hope she will have more to say.

BTW, as a follower of the IT industry, I was never impressed by her tenure as CEO of HP. However, I never thought that disqualified her from the Senate, governor maybe, but the Senate, not so much. She had a very successful career before HP, and took sensible positions on H-1B visas and other issues while CEO.

Meanwhile, Meg Whitman consistently trails that lying jackass, Jerry Brown. This drives me nuts, that people can't remember how incompetent he was as Governor last time, and what a bad job he did as mayor of Oakland.

Start getting those ballots in the mail, if you are voting absentee.

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