Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend Music Chill

This weekend's music is dedicated to those lucky hobos in Seattle, Washington who live in the bunks for drunks house. Before our music, let's set the mood with some excerpts from the article (H/T W.C. Varones):

The government-subsidized housing project in Seattle caters exclusively to 75 hard-core alcoholics who came from the streets and are allowed to keep drinking, snub treatment and still keep a roof over their head.
. . .
Seattle's 1811 Eastlake program, however, goes further. Not only is the building limited to extreme inebriates, but the building's staff also will go on booze runs for some residents and then methodically dole out the beer, wine, vodka and other preferred intoxicants like medicine.

Here's our music

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  1. Grew up on Pete Seeger's version. Figures he would pick it up the communist!