Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mayor Sanders Resign - No on Proposition D

Conniving tax and spender.

I echo Richard Rider's call for Jerry Sanders to resign as Mayor of San Diego for cutting back room deals for the Chargers and lying to the public about the need for full, open and transparent hearings. Best to just read Richard Rider's post.

The relationship to Proposition D?

Earlier this month - while Jerry Sanders was urging voters to approve Prop D's massive sales tax hike – and to trust him to dutifully work with a labor-backed City Council to reduce government spending after he gets a half-billion dollars in new taxes – our Mayor was working behind the scenes to funnel a half-billion dollars toward a new Chargers stadium.

Coincidence? Maybe. But the fact is that these tax dollars are going to public funding of a stadium if the mayor gets his way, not "protecting public safety" as advertised. Still need convincing that we should make the politicians demonstrate good faith budget cuts and outsourcing before we pass Proposition D?

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