Thursday, June 10, 2010

With Friends Like This? UPDATED

The President has pledged $400 million of your money to the Palestinians in Gaza, while at the same time pressuring Israel to end the blockade there. Little noted is a previous pledge of $900 million that has gone largely undistributed because Gaza is governed by Hamas, a terrorist organization, (scroll down to number 13 on the link.) (UPDATE Oct 8, 2012: The State Department changed their web site, the link above no longer works.  Here is the new link to terrorist organizations, Hamas is still listed.  Also, you might want to check out this educational site on foreign terrorist organizations.)  So aid to Palestinians seems to be having about as much good effect as the stimulus bills. So obviously Obama wants to double down. Throwing money at the problem always works, at least that's what the lefties believe.

Why don't we try this, tell the Palestinians they get bupkis until they stop electing terrorists and stop launching rockets at Israel. Meanwhile Obama is deliberately misrepresenting the situation in this quote:

"With respect to the broader issue of lifting the blockade, as I said before, I think the key here is making sure that Israel's security needs are met but that the needs of people in Gaza are also met," Mr. Obama said.
"And it seems to us that there should be ways of focusing narrowly on arms shipments, rather than focusing in a blanket way on stopping everything and then, in a piecemeal way, allowing things into Gaza."

In fact, the reason that the Israelis have to stop and search every ship is because there are blockade runners trying to disguise arms shipments as relief. Obama knows this and thinks he can get away with this drivel. Obama's hostility towards Israel is part of his reflexively left-wing group-think. And yet, Obama manages to be unpopular both in Israel and in the Muslim world.

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