Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primary Election Night

Watched some local TV and watched the election results and broadcasting from Golden Hall. A shout out to the Tea Party going on there. Had a friend over, the Lakers were beating the Celtics in Boston, and there was some cold Yellowtail Pale Ale in the fridge.

I am really disappointed that Chuck DeVore didn't poll better, but it was still good to have him in the race. I think Carly Fiorina is ready to run as a conservative as a result, and will give Barbara Boxer a tough run for it. If the Democrats are having trouble defending their senate seat in California, this could be a disastrous November for them. It would be better if the replacement Republicans were serious about reducing spending and income tax rates, but we'll see. Incidentally, Poizner, in his concession speech said the same thing; that his candidacy had moved Whitman to more conservative positions. In the governor's race, it is rumored that Jerry Brown will use social issues, the so called nuclear option, to defeat Meg Whitman. My sense is that such a strategy won't sit well with unemployment and anger over stimulus waste.

Locally, in the District 6 City Council race, Lorie Zapf, jumped out to a big lead over Howard Wayne, but clearly this is headed for a run off in November. District 6 is fairly evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, so these results are surprising, I want to see if they hold up. The three Republican candidates are pulling down 56% of the vote in early returns; not sure if that is significant. Big dollars from unions are going to Howard Wayne. Also, these are mostly mail in ballots, right now.

I'm wondering if union support isn't over-rated. Not only is Wayne not getting help locally, in Arkansas Blanche Lincoln couldn't be ousted by a multimillion dollar campaign by unions in the Democratic primary. I saw headlines saying that she survived an anti-incumbent mood, but I think that is too facile. Bill Clinton campaigned for her and I think the public mood is turning very sour on unions.

In Nevada, the Tea Party candidate, Sharron Angle will be the Republican nominee. I think this is great news. Harry Reid may have thought he wanted to face her, but I think he is underestimating the enthusiasm of the Tea Party. We need some Republicans in the Senate to be radicals on spending reduction to make any progress on getting the country back on track.

Maybe some more commentary later tonight, if there is anything that changes my views of tonight's results.

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