Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Primary Election Night - How the Unions Did UPDATE

Just saw Richard Rider on TV talking about unions lack of success tonight. Oceanside and Chula Vista look set to ban project labor agreements as part of Propositions K and G respectively. Project Labor Agreements which require city projects to hire a certain number of union workers. Additionally, the unions were against the strong mayor ballot measure, proposition D which will likely be defeated.

Lorie Zapf is on TV, talking about being a businesswoman and there is talk of California Republicans nominating many businesswomen, like Whitman and Fiorina. We could do worse, I suppose. Kevin Faulconer and Carl DeMaio both seemed to endorse Lorie Zapf tonight on separate KUSI interviews. Lorie is clearly not a favorite of the unions either, as the current top vote getter, she looks to be the front runner in the November run off in SD City Council District 6.

I am also struck by the seeming low turnout in SD City Council District 8. With about 35% of precincts reporting, it looked like just over 3000 votes (final tally) would put you in the run off for this seat.


HotAir has insight on how unions blew through $10 million to punish Blanche Lincoln for opposing card check, to no avail. Surveying the landscape yesterday, it was really a bad day for the unions. From the article:

The unions will have money in November, but they lost more than just $10 million in Arkansas. They lost a sense of power, especially in organizing, and any claim to rational and expert leadership on the Left. Lincoln was, after all, the incumbent in an anti-incumbent year. If the unions couldn’t knock her out of the race with $10 million and a credible candidate — in two tries — then obviously union leadership has a competence issue.


  1. Re: low turnout for D-8. A couple of descendants from long-time Democratic hack families going after each other.

    Same old, Same old.

  2. JmR and I had to stand in line for a short while to vote. JmR is independant so he chose a Rep ballot. I was screwed to vote on my Lib ballot except for the ballot measures.

    I just hope Fiorina and Whitman don't become Arnold. (or are Arnie already)

  3. Dawg,
    I have more hope for Fiorina mostly based on her association with Palin.

    Yeah, I noticed that. It was real confusing trying to figure out who was who.