Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics" and Obamacare

So the lies used to sell Obamacare are coming back to haunt it. Yet Obama thinks that more salesmanship is needed to make the bill popular. The latest lie to be exposed was the exclusion of the so called "doc fix" that caused the CBO scoring of Obamacare to come in at under a $1 trillion price tag and be labeled as reducing the deficit. The use of this statistic to score health care was clearly a lie, as Obama is now calling on the House and Senate to pass a bill that will restore the cuts in physician medicare pay that were passed under the Obamacare bill. Clearly, the Democrats never had any intention of allowing a 21% cut in payments to doctors treating medicare patients.

Apparently, the Senate is now going to pass a bill that extends unemployment and avoids the medicare payment cut until November, after the elections I presume. Great, that puts the issue in the hands of a lame duck Congress. There's some leadership for you. I believe that the doc fix shouldn't get passed, because it was a part of Obamacare. Are the Democrats going to hail the fact that they've already repealed part of their own health care legislation? Except for the fact that so many seniors would be hurt by a sudden change in the rules, I would say that Obama deserved the crap sandwich he was getting over this issue.

A little more depth on the doc fix issue from HotAir.

And how about this whopper

Here is how we are getting started on the transition process discussed.

Under the annual dollar limit provisions of PPACA governing group plans (taking effect for plan years beginning Sept. 23, 2010), "Limited Benefit Medical" health plans will not meet the new standards established by the law. (Beginning in 2014, annual dollar limits are fully prohibited under the new health care law.) Except for action by the HHS secretary to make exception for these plans or clarify the law, 1.4 million workers may be without their "mini-med" plans.

Thanks for nothing.

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