Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Maybe Carville Has a Point

The White House, through Robert Gibbs, is saying that BP is not being "forthcoming" about the oil spill, particularly the possibility of a faster leak after the latest efforts to stop the leak. I heard a rumor that the Coast Guard also does not believe BP has been forthcoming either, which shouldn't be surprising. Here is my question for the administration, "If you don't believe BP, why aren't you deploying assets like the Nereus to ascertain the true conditions on the sea floor?" The Nereus was developed with federal dollars, so it should be available.

Maybe Carville has a point about Obama not doing everything he could.


  1. BP is still trying to get the spill under control, and the US Government has announced a criminal investigation. You can pretty much guarantee that BP is not saying anything that they don't absolutely need to, lest it be used against them later. You can just imagine how much technical progress is being made with a bunch of engineers who have "lawyered up."

  2. Agree, which is why the government should have brought resources to bear to at least survey the situation.

  3. Hey - Are you going down to Golden Hall on election night or staying home?

    Also, did you see we quoted you in our paper this week?


    Dave Maass
    San Diego CityBeat

  4. Dave, thanks for pointing that out, I had not seen it. I appreciate being quoted. However, as you can see, I believe you misinterpreted my comments.

    I am kind of a homebody, so I probably won't come out. I have a tough time even getting to Tea Party events, even though I make the effort.