Wednesday, June 9, 2010

San Diego City Council District 6 Final Results - Primary

Now that the final result are in, I went back and looked at the final numbers in the race:

LORIE ZAPF-------------6870-----36.19 %
HOWARD WAYNE-----4694-----24.72 %
STEVE HADLEY--------3299-----17.38 %
KIM TRAN---------------2525-----13.30 %
RYAN HUCKABONE---1597-------8.41 %

Lorie Zapf's lead was slightly more substantial than I first thought. Also, the three Republicans in the race had about 58% of the vote. I have no experience analyzing local races like this, but it seems that is an interesting result.

I wonder to what extent these results are because there was some excitement for the senate and gubernatorial primary at the top of the ticket, resulting in a higher than normal Republican turn out.

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