Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sharron Angle

I listened to a little Roger Hedgecock on the way home. He was in Las Vegas interviewing Sharron Angle. A previous HotAir article had given me to low expectations for her. I was very surprised at how well she articulated the overall Tea Party agenda. Harry Reid is going to spend a wad of cash trying to defeat her and make the election about her supposed wackiness. But she seems ready, pointing out what a failure Obama and by extension, Reid has been for Nevadans. She got off a great line, calling Harry Reid the "Obama whisperer," tagging him with empowering Obama's agenda.

She took on the issue of Social Security privatization, which looks like a political loser right now after the 2008 stock market crash, to say that she is for individual accounts that would protect seniors, not necessarily for privatization. She also took the seemingly poorly timed issue of eliminating the EPA, but she said that the states, who are closer to the problem, would do a better job.

Like Rand Paul, I think she is going to have to modify some positions that make her sound like a kook. What makes it unfortunate, is that programs like social security and medicare are in fact unsustainable. How do you say that in a campaign without being demagogued?

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