Monday, June 14, 2010

Carl DeMaio - Local Hero

Carl DeMaio took on the unions today and delivered 138,000 signatures to put a managed competition measure on the ballot today. He did so after taking a bus ride highlighting the city services that have been cut back due to the ongoing budget issues, precipitated by the pensions imbroglio. He was, of course, opposed by the city's unions along the way. As I have said before, reducing the city payroll is only way out of our budget mess in the long run. Of course, what would a little Tea Party style activity be without some union thuggery, mild though it might be in this case:
There was a brief scuffle as a man dressed as Pinocchio thrust his long nose in DeMaio's face. Police had to break up the crowd.

I note that Carl DeMaio endorsed Lorie Zapf, despite the mortgage issues.

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  1. Prop. G down in Chula Vista took a drubbing last Tuesday.

    Pinocchio? Really? The labor-Left is losing it.

    Link forthcoming.