Monday, June 28, 2010

Round Up of Stuff I Liked Today

KT has a nice post on the insanity of G20 protests. Regardless of location, the story seems the same; lazy leftist ne'er do wells trash another city because their poli-sci degrees that they "earned" with little to no effort, but plenty of political correctness didn't land them 6 figure jobs, or any job at all.

Mutnodjmet vacations in Italy and finds Tea Party goodness. Talk about a two-fer.

Dean reminds me of one of the first blogs that he linked to, and one that captures so many thoughts about my own youth that I could never put into words. Avocado Memories reminds me of the days when men were men, women were women and the martinis were strong. Interestingly Camille Paglia seems to be riffing on the same theme, but from her own unique perspective, of course.

Senate Democrats can't seem to do enough to make themselves unpopular, so they are still trying to come up with some crappy enviro legislation that they can pass, presumably to paint Republicans as fiends (no typo) of big oil, but the public is smarter. What is wrong with these guys? They have vulnerable members are in swing states, like say West Virginia, where there would be an election if they keep to the law to fill the seat of the late Robert Byrd. I doubt that they will follow their own law, however, since only Republicans are pilloried for extra legal conduct.

In a victory for gun rights, the Supremes ruled that indeed the Second Amendment applies to the states in McDonald vs. City of Chicago. Although not a total victory, it establishes the principle that the second amendment is equal to all of the other amendments and no amount of spin can remove that basic fact. There will still be regulation of gun ownership, but even speech is not totally free, the government can demonstrate compelling state interest, so this Supreme Court ruling is as much as we could have expected. Plus, I love that Chicago took the smack down.

Finally, Al Gore visited our home town today, but who knew? No press, no video, no cameras allowed. Schadenfreude isn't a pretty emotion, so I won't comment further.


  1. Thanks for the link. Actually, I am rather partial to schadenfreude -- and hope to me enjoying a lot of it this November! :)

  2. Thanks for the link! I'm wondering if there will be a taker on Breitbart's Journolist offer and if there is, will it blow anything up.

  3. Thanks for the link.

    KT, Iowahawk is claiming it. Natch.