Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chris Christie May Be the Most Important Politician in America

Sorry Sarah, as much as we like you, you aren't currently an elected official, nor does it look you are running. Governor Christie (R-NJ) is the most prominent elected official calling out the unions, their tactics, high spending and high taxes as the key issues facing the United States. I don't know if he is a Tea Party sympathizer or not, doesn't matter, he gets it. He knows that taking on the public employee unions is the number one issue facing his state, and by extension, all of these United States. In the following video, at about the 4:05 mark, he gets off the money quote, "If we don't win this fight, there isn't any other fight to win."

He is also a master at taking on the lefty mind set, where the left is always somehow more intelligent or morally superior in every argument, and when the left is losing on the merits of its logic, they resort to name calling. Watch how he calls out a reporter after being accused of having a confrontational tone

I also like the way he has a laser focus on the key issues. He says the left is in favor of bigger government, more taxes and higher spending. None of those are popular with America, so the left obfuscates the fact that they are always plumping for just that. There is enormous power in pointing out these inescapable facts. Too bad he was only just elected governor, I think his style, such a polar opposite to Obama's would play very well in a Presidential election.

Furthermore, he understands how to govern. His budget is very unpopular with the Democrats who hold the majority in the state houses and they are pulling some tricks to allow it to be passed in a way that they can deny responsibility. But the governor has the Democrats scared and they don't want the blame for a government shutdown. From the Newark NJ Star-Ledger:

The plan, described to The Star-Ledger by lawmakers of both parties involved in the discussions, would leave the Republican governor’s $29.3 billion budget largely intact, preserving most of the most unpopular cuts, like $820 million in aid to school districts. But several smaller changes will be made, which could include more money for public libraries, keeping open Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital in Hunterdon County, and preserving the so-called blue laws that forbid Sunday shopping in Bergen County.

The deal would also entail a legislative maneuver placing responsibility for the budget on Republican lawmakers, a rare move with Democrats controlling both houses of the Legislature.
The deal isn't done yet, but it already shown the power and popularity of his governing style. Combative or not, he is getting results and doing so without compromising on the key issue of reducing spending and curbing public employees unions, what more could the Tea Party ask for?


  1. TLT: I could not agree with you more than I do on this post. I like Sarah Palin a lot...I am falling "in love" more with Christie. I hope our new California Governor take a cue from Christie's success!

  2. This is the govenor that Benedict Arnold Schwarzenegger promised he would be.

  3. Mutnodjmet, one can only hope, but the candidates aren't looking that inspiring.
    Dawg, I agree, and feel like he had the presence to pull it off but failed to man-up.

  4. I was unable to find your link to Wanok's blog at the right of you blog.

  5. B-daddu: I remain an eternal optimist. :)

  6. I love the expression on the face of the staffer to Christie's right.

    "Are you kidding me? I get this sort of thing every day."

  7. I totally agree with you on this one. He's important because he's doing things, not just speaking.