Monday, October 15, 2012

Why Did Ambassador Stevens Really Die?

I highly recommend the blog post from fellow SLOB, DooDooEconomics, on the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  Especially in light of Hillary Clinton's the buck stops here comments; we should ponder the real truth of why Al Qaeda was able to kill an American ambassador.  A couple of key facts.
The attack happened in Benghazi as the Ambassador was working to collect military grade weapons distributed under order of President Barack Obama. 
Kind of like Fast & Furious, as the blog points out.
Further, the prime suspect in the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the former Navy Seals was a terrorist released from an Egyptian prison.
Finally, and the part of the story that should result in Obama's defeat, were it not for a complicit media:
In order to ensure that American-made weapons were not found at the destroyed Benghazi consulate, the Obama administration delayed investigations by floating a cover story about a nonexistent protest due to an anti-Islamic video.
Please read the whole article.

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