Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunshine On His Face - Romney Wins the Debate

Years ago, before Chris Matthews lost his mind, he was a fairly decent political analyst.  I remember his analysis about why one candidate or another might be favored to win the Presidency.  It was simple, he said, which candidate do you imagine as the one with the sunshine on his face?  That candidate will win.  He was thinking of Ronald Reagan, of course, but the opposite also applied.  Gloomy Guses such as Dukakis, Mondale and Dole were doomed in this analysis.  I didn't watch all of tonight's debate because of work related matters; and some of what I watched, I could only hear the tone and watch the body language of the candidates.  Romney clearly won the sunshine contest and therefore the debate.  Obama's facial expressions appeared abnormal, he seemed a bit hunched over; Romney looked happy and confident, like the lucky and blessed man that he is.  Americans may love an underdog, but they don't love a hangdog.

Obama interrupted, appeared petulant and attacked Romney when serious answer was called for.  He seemed the challenger, and not equal to the task.  I haven't looked at any polls, but I am certain this debate will help Romney in the polls. He severely wrong-footed Obama again, this time with a smooth, non-combative performance that hit Obama in ways he didn't appear to expect.  The President, fighting the last debate, appeared combative and personal when the subject matter and the setting didn't call for it.

Now I'll go check the spin.

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