Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Presidential Debate Prep

The broad outlines of the upcoming Presidential debates are already known, at least on the Democrat side.  That's because they don't really ever change their appeal away from class warfare every four years.  The sameness of invoking "tax cuts for the rich" by Obama should leave Mitt Romney plenty of room to operate in tomorrow night's debate in Colorado.  He knows the President's line of attack and should easily be able to put the notoriously thin skinned Obama on the defensive.

I offer some easy pickings for the Romney campaign, free of charge.

  1. Is it better to give businesses tax cuts or funnel those same federal taxes to your campaign donors through so called "green" energy programs.
  2. If small businesses create jobs, and it is mostly small business owners that are "the rich," how are we going to create jobs without tax cuts for small businesses?
  3. Is it better to use tax dollars to enrich union pensioners in the auto bailout at the expense of Indiana teachers pension fund?
Romney can easily defeat Obama with an aggressive campaign that highlights issues that the media has been complicit in not covering, to help Obama.  Fast and Furious and the debacle in Benghazi come to mind.  I don't know why it appears that Romney has been holding back, but it's time to play hardball; especially against a candidate that looks positively untruthful every time he is caught off guard.  (See Obama's poker tells for a long list of his disagreeable and feigned countenances.)

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