Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Plescia Campaign Volunteer Stopped by my House

This evening, Justin, a student at Point Loma Nazarene, stopped by my house, to talk to me about George Plescia's campaign for the state senate.  My eldest son answered the door, but immediately called for me to take the visit; since Justin was asking about putting up a yard sign.  I liked that the first thing he did was ask me what my concerns about California state government were.  I responded that the budget was a mess and that out of control state employee pensions were a big factor.  Justin vouched the Plescia felt the same way; that his candidate was in favor of a Proposition B type reform for state pensions as part of the solution.  He also said that if Plescia isn't elected the Democrats will have such a large majority that they will be able to pass any spending they want.  (I didn't think to disagree, he's right, except for the inevitable math problem when they run out of other people's money.)  He also pointed out that Plescia has created jobs in the private sector, much like Mitt Romney.

He also said that Plescia will work to get the "high speed rail to nowhere" put back to the voters for another vote, since it doesn't at all reflect what we voted on previously.  In Justin's opinion, echoing that of his candidate, it is ludicrous to think that a rail line from Los Angeles to the Central Valley will pay for itself and fund an extension to San Francisco.  I wasn't even aware that such an argument was being made.  (A review of the official plan reveals that only two "useable segment" are currently authorized, see below.)

We also talked a little about Bilbray; Justin didn't think he made conservatives happy, but felt that in this district, he was the best we could hope for in a Republican.  I wasn't so sure, but told him I am fully supporting Bilbray this cycle, but would be looking for a conservative to challenge him in the 2014 primary.  Justin mention the recent U-T poll that has Bilbray up 9 points.  I voiced my concern that it seems like a lot of the undecideds are Democrats who might break for Peters.  Justin offered that many of the Democrats who are undecided are environmentalists who were unhappy with the way he beat Saldana, and over something else that I didn't catch.  I hope so, Peters and anyone else involved with the San Diego pension fiascos should never win another election.

Justin said that he leads the San Diego students for Romney organization in addition to his work for George Plescia.  Justin was very impressive and knowledgeable, it was great for have him stop by.  And I signed up for a yard sign, to go with my Carl DeMaio sign.  You can sign up for one here.

"Useable segments" for high speed rail from State Law, California Resolution #HSRA11-22.

  • The portion of the Phase 1 corridor (described in Streets and Highways Code 2704.04, subdivision (b)(2)) between and including a San Jose station and a Bakersfield station; and
  • The portion of the Phase 1 corridor between and including a Merced station and a San Fernando Valley station.

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