Wednesday, October 17, 2012

San Diego Mayoral Race - Why Would It Be Close?

The U-T is reporting that the issue of workers pensions is roiling the mayoral race.  Read this quote about Filner:

Filner, 70, has long been a champion for public employee unions which have been major donors to his campaigns over the past two decades. He opposed Proposition B ahead of the public vote, calling it a fraud that unjustly threw employees under the bus for the sins of past administrations.

As a taxpayer, I don't understand why Filner's candidacy isn't dead on arrival.  Ultimately, as a taxpayer, I am one of the employers who pay the city workers wages.  I want the best deal for my money.  It's as if a candidate for CEO of Ralph's touted his credentials for getting big pay raises for the unionized work force.  What board of directors in their right mind would hire such a person.  Yet here is Filner, supposedly in a tight race, telling voters that his support for unions should make us vote for him.  Sorry, but I want a tough negotiator who will cut the best deal for me.  This is why I am supporting Carl DeMaio for mayor.

DeMaio fought hard against the half cent sales tax increase, Proposition D.  He fought hard to bring pensions under control with Proposition B.  Despite what he says, I guarantee that Filner will undermine the city attorney's legal case on Prop B in order to get it off the books.  We can't trust Filner to fully support a law he so adamantly opposed.  I expect him to pull a stunt like Obama on the DOMA, where the executive abdicates his duty to argue the law to the Supreme Court.

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  1. I'm bewildered as well at how much traction Filner has gotten. And sad to see the LGBT community not see this as an opportunity...their anger at his not being a 'perfect' agenda soldier is self-defeating.