Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disappointed over Debate - UPDATE

The debate tonight appears to be headed towards a draw.  Obama is ready and making the points he needs to and so is Romney.  Obama will just keep on lying about Romney and his own record, and its hard to call him out in this format.  I can see why Romney got angry, because of the blatant lying, even if it didn't make him look great.  But how do we hold the President accountable?  Very tough in this format.  Obama is right now lying about the numbers regarding Romney's spending numbers, so what the heck?


After watching more of the debate, I think Romney won on points.  I also think that the extent of Obama's lies and his lying about Romney will come out.  Lastly, Obama gave up his key strength, likeability.  I think that he and Romney were equally obnoxious, but Romney had an excuse, disgust over being lied about.  In the end Obama doesn't win over the undecideds with this performance and they break to Romney.  I am still disappointed over the tenor of the debate, but I still believe that Romney will make more gains from this.

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