Monday, October 8, 2012

Bilbray's Call Center Needs an Upgrade

I got a call today from the Bilbray campaign, dialing me up from Del Mar (858-617-XXXX according to the caller id).  A young man asked me something that was hard to understand because the voice quality of the call was garbled.  I thought he asked if I was supporting Brian Bilbray, but in hindsight, I think he must have been asking if I would like to hear a message from the Congressman.  Then a recorded message from Bilbray started, again very garbled, although I could still tell it was Bilbray, having heard him in person.  I just hung up, a little frustrated.

I took to Twitter to voice my complaint.

Since then, I have heard nothing from the campaign. I have noticed that big businesses monitor social media and often respond to legitimate complaints very quickly; but apparently this is not so with this campaign. I am posting about this because I support Bilbray, and just want him to run a better campaign. Seems that monitoring social media and monitoring the quality of one's phone bank would be helpful to that end.

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  1. A good thing that they didn't take it as a negative feedback or an anti-support. I have tried this by commenting on how to make a campaign good but it turned out that I was misunderstood.

    Kyle Smith on Semphi