Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Music Chill

No one makes music like this anymore. But it seems the kind of music that was played when the adults were out on the patio drinking martinis or Miller's in my childhood. (Wes Clark's Avocado Memories page on patio culture is worth a re-read in our day. I linked the patio culture essay but the whole site is worth exploring.) This is some of my favorite romantic mood music, with Jackie Gleason.


  1. She had long blonde hair Ralphie..........hangin' down from her armpits!

    How sweet it is!!!!!!

    Hopefully you get the reference of the Honeymooners on a cruize in about 4th grade where we watched the Jackie Gleason show in preparation of the talent show.

  2. Real funny, I get the reference. I had rather hoped to remember Gleason's music and forget his comedy. BTW, I thought you were on vacation, so go hang the kettle drum sign on the hotel room door.