Thursday, June 21, 2012


Blame Bush? Lie about your intent? Forget the name of the slain border patrol agent? It's all here.


  1. Brian Terry's parents have been interviewed on Fox, but don't expect the alphabets or the liberal cables to touch these people. I believe they should be the center of this story.

    I'd just as soon the opponents of Op F&F not push the Second Amendment attack to the fore of their case, but focus instead on Brian Terry. That Obama would suppress documents that could explain how this guy was killed is unbelievable. That he would do it on "principle," as Carney said, is infuriatingly wrong.

    Press: Why are you suppressing evidence about Brian Terry's murder?

    Obama: Because I can.

    Another lie to kill asap is that Bush started this awful operation and Holder shut it down. F&F was officially shut down in January 2011, effectively shut down in December 2010 after Terry's killing. Holder, oddly, claimed in May 2011 that he had never heard of F&F until the previous few weeks. How did he shut down an operation he never heard of?

  2. i've been very proud of the response from the right.

    most of the right has already anticipated every argument out there, knowing that when the story hit mainstream the charges of "bush" and "racism" were inevitable.