Saturday, June 2, 2012

Updated San Diego tea party Ballot Recommendations

I already posted my preferences for Carl DeMaio for Mayor, and on the ballot propositions, (NO on 28, 29 and Yes on A and B here in San Diego.) There is a great ballot guide out with a summary of ballot recommendations from multiple organizations published by FamilyVoterInfo. I found it very useful to make some last minute decisions.

For example, I wasn't sure about voting for John Witt for the County Board of Education, but saw that the Labor council had endorsed his opponent Greg Robinson. However, I saw that Planned Parenthood had endorsed Witt, so he was out as well. The Deputy Sheriff's Association endorsement of Garland Peed for Superior Court Office #34 sent my vote to his opponent, Gary Kreep, on the theory that I don't vote for anyone endorsed by a public employee union or group. This logic might have applied to Brian Bilbray for 52nd district, House of Representatives, but his opponents have more objectionable endorsements. Also, to win this district, a more moderate Republican is probably going to be required, this ain't Utah or even Indiana.

As W.C. Varones has pointed out, the California race for Senate isn't really interesting. I am no longer voting for Libertarian Party candidates on the theory that they need to join the Republican party and change it from within; so no protest vote for Gail Lightfoot from me. I don't think anyone is really worth endorsing, so I remain silent, only to say I will select a Republican.

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  1. Thanks again. I'm happy to be a B-Daddy robot and vote right along with you.