Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Can Only Hope

That what the President told me in an email today is true:

B --

I will be the first president in modern history to be outspent in his re-election campaign, if things continue as they have so far.

I'm not just talking about the super PACs and anonymous outside groups -- I'm talking about the Romney campaign itself. Those outside groups just add even more to the underlying problem.

The Romney campaign raises more than we do, and the math isn't hard to understand: Through the primaries, we raised almost three-quarters of our money from donors giving less than $1,000, while Mitt Romney's campaign raised more than three-quarters of its money from individuals giving $1,000 or more.

And, again, that's not including the massive outside spending by super PACs and front groups funneling up to an additional billion dollars into ads trashing me, you, and everything we believe in.

We can be outspent and still win -- but we can't be outspent 10 to 1 and still win.
10 to 1? Let's hope so. To quote another article that I can't recall, the angry money is coming out against Obama. Big and small donors alike are angry at his Presidency for good reason, his policies are wrecking the well being and liberty of our republic.

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  1. Poor Barack, Americans just don't know a good master when we see one.