Saturday, June 23, 2012

California Tobacco Tax Defeated

In a little noticed report from the AP, Proposition 29, the Tobacco Tax initiative has narrowly been defeated. Although anticipated, this is the first news announcement I have seen on the issue.
With about 5 million ballots cast, opponents of Proposition 29 led by about 28,000 votes. The Associated Press analyzed areas where the roughly 105,000 uncounted votes remain and determined Friday there were not enough places where “yes” was winning to overcome the deficit.
Noted doping suspect, Lance Armstrong, was a key supporter.

If a tobacco tax, that only effects 12% of California adults can't pass, Jerry Brown's taxes on the ballot in November are in for a tough time. Because his measure includes a 1/4 per cent sales tax increase, it will affect everyone, not just the families making over $250,000 per year. Given the Democratic control of the re-districting process and lack of comptetive seats, I predict that defeating this tax will be a key priority for tea party types this fall.

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