Monday, June 4, 2012

Pre-Election Outlook for Team Taxpayer

I played high school football and tonight feels like Thursday night before an important Friday game, not the big game, but an important one we need to win. Team taxpayer is favored to win two important contests tomorrow, the Wisconsin governor's recall and Proposition B in San Diego.

The U-T is reporting that Proponents of Proposition B have spent $1.8 million on the measure against $227K by those opposed. That doesn't prove it will win, but it makes me smile nonetheless. A bit of Schadenfreude came from this quote in the Voice of San Diego.
“From a political standpoint, it’s pretty likely that this is going to pass in June," labor leader Michael Zucchet said in April. "And when I say pretty likely, I mean we’re [expletive].”
I don't get the anger. I am a government employee for the federal government. Much of my expected pension benefit comes from a 401 style plan. I'm not in a union. Even if I was, the union couldn't bargain for my pay and benefits, only work place rules. But I have significant protections against unjust firings and am afforded excellent work place accommodations. Why isn't this good enough for state and local workers?

On [to] Wisconsin. Barack Obama is flexing his muscle in support of Democrat Tom Barrett, on Twitter! That's been the extent of the President's campaign to unseat Scott Walker. Meanwhile the truth of how well Walker's reforms appears to have sunk in, as he is a steady favorite, and above 50% in all of the polls. The RCP average is at 6.7% in favor of Walker on the eve of the election. As most political junkies know, Walker's reining in the public employees unions is the reason for this recall. That's what makes the race so important; the taxpayers have to believe that they can put a lid on public employee pay and benefits if state and local government is to ever become affordable again. This is what makes me wonder about the left. Unchecked, employee benefits will destroy government's ability to deliver any of the services the left wants government to deliver, but they don't seem to get math.

In the San Diego mayor's race I feel fairly certain that Carl DeMaio will be in a run off, whether against Filner or Fletcher, I don't know. I have been supporting DeMaio for some time. My regret is that Nathan Fletcher is being vilified in TV ads. I disagree with him on some issues and his decision to leave the GOP, but he seems to be a decent guy with a long history of service. These campaign ads makes me glad I lost an election in junior high and lost any appetite for further campaigning as a candidate. The ads against Carl DeMaio over the police benefits for widows seemed pretty miserable as well.


  1. I meant to write this exact post today, but ran out of time.

    Only difference would be Fletcher. He is a despicable, self-serving opportunist. His jumping between the Chelsea King family and any camera in sight was obscene. He was behind the scenes supporting the Schwarzenegger tax increase without lifting a finger for pension reform. He would be the unions' best friend if he won, and word is they are backing him now as a better shot than tired old Filner.

  2. I have to say, I'd rather vote for a libertarian Republican than someone who is neither Republican, nor Democrat . . . but AMERICAN!!!! It reminds me of the guy who wasn't going to be the president of the red states . . . or the blue states . . . but THE UNITED STATES!!! If Fletcher wants to move up in politics, he'll find a party all right.

    The Republican party needs to remain a wide tent and friendly to fiscal conservatives. I'm glad DeMaio is in it.

  3. I like our long as our gunner on the punt team doesn't send Sonora's return man into the next county....again.

  4. Steve, nice cheap shot. Are you sure you aren't ready to enter politics.

    1. How is that a cheap was the best thing about that game. And it's not a cheap shot..after all..unlike Romney's bullying..this is true.

    2. How is that a cheap was the best thing about that game. And it's not a cheap shot..after all..unlike Romney's bullying..this is true.

  5. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

    Other than maybe Romney's a punter?

  6. arhooley, I agree about the big tent. The idea behind a freedom coalition agenda, see the top of the blog, was to bring together an anti-statist team to preserve freedom in America.

    WC, wrt Fletcher, he is a politician after all, but overall struck me as a decent guy. Doesn't mean I agree with his politics or positions. Regarding the conversation with Mr. Mercer, it refers to the CIF Southern Section division 2A football championship in 1975. Dang, saying it like that makes it seem like a long time ago.