Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Presidential Petulance

Obama's response to the Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070 strikes me as nothing short of petulant. The law's provision that was upheld (8-0 by the way) merely directs the manner in which Arizona law enforcement will cooperate with federal authorities in the manner already directed by federal law! Obama's response, to suspend agreements between AZ law enforcement and the DHS and to set up hot lines so that citizens with a grudge against law enforcement have a forum. Really? That's some real leadership during tough times. When the going gets tough, the President skirts the law.


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  2. Set up hotlines? With any luck, that will happen with as much competence and follow-through as the online forum that would allow citizens to communicate directly with the White House (per the Blueprint for Change, did you ever read that joke?), the "fish alerts" that Kathleen Sebelius asked for, AttackWatch, the civilian whatever corps, Cash for Clunkers, and all those other high-school-worthy initiatives that killed by neglect or violent Twitterstorms.

  3. Angry donation.....is that as good as "Make-up" donation? Romney needs to have a good PR firm. He can't rely on the "in the box" type of campaign ads.