Monday, October 10, 2011

Time Warner Cable - Crap Service From a Monopoly Provider

On my other blog, I posted a short list of complaints about what is certainly the worst company I have ever dealt with in terms of customer service, Time Warner Cable. I note that they have a monopoly in their service area granted by the city of San Diego, so why should I expect good service.


  1. Shitty as they are, the free market doesn't solve this problem. Cable service is a natural monopoly, considering the start-up costs of running land lines to individual houses. With such high infrastructure costs, the effect of competition is muted if present at all. The result in a free-market would be either an over-provision of cable such that no one makes money, or underprovision because there is not enough money to be made after instillation costs. The government granted monopoly should be better overseen. So, yes, monopolies are awful. Get a satellite dish

  2. Calivancouver, there are places in the country where there is cable competition. Plus, when AT&T builds out U-Verse to my area, I can switch all my services over and save on bundle package. My brother-in-law did so.

  3. B-Daddy: I have ATT U-Verse. It is awesome.