Thursday, October 6, 2011

Question for Wall Street Protesters

If the Wall Street protesters were serious, they would be supporting a gold standard for our money. The Federal Reserve lends money to banks at artificially low interest rates that they use to finance deals or make loans and other investments. Given the fed's monopoly control of the money supply, this makes the whole banking system an insider's game. This allows the bankers to get rich and some of those ill gotten gains flow to Wall Street. A gold standard would force banks to rise and fall on their own and would return the money supply to a form that could not be manipulated.

So protesters, are you in favor of a gold standard?


  1. I think they are more interested in confiscating gold.

  2. Some of them surely are
    lots of them are probably more in favor of free to anyone government guaranteed sky-pie

    If you're looking for a laugh,

  3. I'll ask them at OccupySD!

  4. Is there even enough gold in the word to do that anymore?