Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Steve Jobs Passes

I want to join the many Americans, indeed, people all over the world, who mourn the passing of Steve Jobs today. His passing feels like the end of an era, even though common sense tells me it is not. It has been an era where American ingenuity fueled new products that the world craved. Steve Jobs epitomized the idea that business could be great, not through "lean six sigma," not by "listening to its customers," but by imagining and inventing new things that people would come to "need." He brought such creativity to our world and enriched the lives of billions of people. Can you even the same the same of any politician of the last 40 years?

I also wonder if the protesters on Wall Street today will realize that Jobs raised the capital he needed to fuel Apple's rise from the very place where they are tweeting their displeasure with America on their iPhones.

Rest in peace Steve, and know that you left the world a much richer place than you found it.

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