Friday, October 7, 2011

Quote of the Week

With Sarah Palin out, the theme of the last couple of weeks has been the weakness of the GOP field from the tea party perspective, commented upon previously. Over at Temple of Mut, the Mutnodjmet laments that her favorite, Sarah Palin is out of the race and offers this assessment of the field.
The rest of the GOP field is deeply flawed. Romney thinks man-made global warming is real and has Romneycare. Perry can’t debate effectively and just called reasoned citizens “heartless”. Cain presents as a radio talk show host, lacks depth on non-business issues, and besmirched Perry’s character falsely on a media constructed racial matter. Bachmann is a non-starter for her selection of Ed Rollins and the fact she is a Romney tool. Ron Paul is a no-go for his lack of sane messaging on important topics and foreign policy stances. Huntsman is an elite charlatan hack. Rick Santorum is too focused on social issues, and Gingrich is an beltway insider whose expiration date has passed (and who tried to usurp the tea party movement when it first arose).
She is left with Gary Johnson as the least objectionable candidate, a conclusion I have also reached. Read the whole piece here.

And to make sure you get your fill of Palin, because I won't likely be commenting on her much in the future, here is a video tribute to the former Governor of Alaska.


  1. Thanks for the link and the tribute. If I am forced to vote for Romney, I am having you make the martini. Your blend is the best.

  2. Half term governor. Lazy and doesn't seem to be able to finish things. Frankly I never saw her giving up the big FOX bucks to take a massive headache of a job. Perhaps that indicates she's smarter than I gave her credit for.

  3. I think Sarah Palain played the haters for chumps. She was awesome.

  4. Mutnodjmet, thanks, will do my best.

    Kelly, the didn't finish her term is the thing that clinched it for me. That said, I still deeply admire her, I just wouldn't support her for President. I hope she runs for the Senate someday, because that might be a better fit.

    KT, Agree. Ultimately she is a media star, in much the way the current incumbent was in 2008. We saw how that worked out. As much as I like Herman Cain, I am not willing to bet on a guy with no prior political experience, too much of the presidency requires that knowledge, hence, my support for Gary Johnson.