Monday, October 31, 2011


So, John Edwards fathers a child out of wedlock, covers it up with the connivance of his campaign manager, while his wife is dying of cancer. He further sneaks into LA to visit the mistress while still campaigning. The mainstream press, including the Los Angeles Times, on whose beat much of the action took place, refuses to cover any part of the story, and its left to the National Enquirer to scoop them all.

Meanwhile, Herman Cain is alleged to have made ". . . physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but that made women who experienced or witnessed them uncomfortable and that they regarded as improper in a professional relationship," and the mainstream press seems to have nothing else to discuss.

Maybe the left is correct. Maybe there still is racism in America.


  1. Nice try, but time is showing that he in deeper than anyone thought!

  2. Even if the allegations are true, the media coverage, compared to that of John Edwards is shameful and appear on the surface to be racist. I know it is just based on a left vs right thing, but the leftist media needs to be called out on their hypocrisy occasionally.