Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Obama = Bush: Gunwalking

Dean has been crushing the Fast and Furious story, since only CBS and the LA Times seem to want to cover it, and now CBS maybe not so much. Now, the administration is resorting to its first and last line of defense, blame Bush. The differences between this administration and the Bush administration shrink by the day. The only big difference? Obamacare. Other issues? Gitmo still open, even more wars in progress, use of secrecy to obfuscate legal justifications for prosecuting the war on terror, loads of bankers and Wall Street types in the administration, growing the size and scope of government, PATRIOT act extension, even higher deficits, lax border enforcement; the list is nauseatingly long. Now we can add gunwalking to the list, apparently. See all the latest gory details at Beers with Demo.

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