Sunday, October 2, 2011

Programming Note

What's up with the Obama ads on The Liberator Today? I noticed them this morning after I updated a post. Some of my fellow SLOBs had said that they had received form letters (emails?) from Google saying that their blogs did not meet Google's standards for adverts. I decided to click the monetize function on blogger to see what would happen. I honestly didn't think I would qualify either, but somebody must be asleep at the switch at Gulagoogle, I'm in. I have seen a lot of chatter as to how Twitter, Facebook and Google attempt to steer a progressive narrative in subtle ways and often overtly. (See the disappearance of #attackwatch from Twitter trends as an example of social(ist) media influence.) So I wonder why my blog is "under the radar?"

I am not allowed to click the ads myself under the terms of my agreement with Google, so if you are a reader who has a sincere interest in those ads and clicks one of them, let me know what happens in the comments.


  1. I always click the credit card ads on Instapundit and Mish.

    It takes money from the dirty banksters and gives it to good bloggers. Also click the John Tester ads on Facebook and Obama ads wherever I see them.

  2. Funny, especially how google has decided to start giving massive amounts of money to republicans. Perhaps trying to create karmic balance?

  3. W.C., thanks for that tip.
    Calivancouver, I think I just use the President's name too much in my posts.