Sunday, March 14, 2010

SD Coffee Party Additional Thoughts

A couple of more thoughts on yesterday's coffee party event. I really liked their dedication to civility in talking to our neighbors. There were some people at the coffee party whose views were not left of center, (libertarian or other) and others who clearly had an agenda (like the guy who wouldn't give up talking about his petition for majority rule); all were treated respectfully, kudos to the organizers. However, I think that our neighbors on the left think we have been shouting at them; we are not. The Tea Party Patriots have indeed been shouting, not at our neighbors, but at our elected officials, because they have refused to listen. Interestingly, many of those at yesterday's coffee party also complain that elected politicians don't listen to them either.

I was also heartened by the reading of the preamble to the Constitution. Even if we don't fully agree on interpretation, it forms a basis for discussion and even dialog on matters politic. Further, it gives us the chance to ask this question of our neighbors on the left, "What limits does the Constitution place on the federal government?" It would be unreasonable for the answer to be none.

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