Saturday, March 6, 2010

Keeping Tabs on the Nutroots Nation

Three quick items. I saw an article on HufPo, which I will not dignify with a link, that basically says the Tea Party is racist. The logic? Tea Party's are against the bank bailouts but also against banking reform, so we don't have any valid position. (That the allege reform might make matters worse, doesn't occur to this political Einstein.) Therefore only racism is left. Obviosusly. Plus Tea Party types didn't protest Bush doing the same things that Obama is now doing, therefore the only possible explanation is racism. The fact that there are many African-Americans in the movement overlooked. The fact that maybe we just hit the limit, the fact that Obama's deficits are multiples of Bush, with no end in sight? None of this occurs to the wingnuts.

There will be a Coffee Party right here in San Diego, at Lestat's Coffee House in the heart of North Park. Noon, Sat. March 13. You can sign up here. Note that the Coffee Party is supposedly all about the love and cooperation to solve our nation's problems (read pass Obamacare.) So I'm thinking, what if I sign up and show up with my Viva la Reagan Revolucion T? How much love do you thing I would get? What if lots of Tea Party types signed up? If I went, I would absolutely be on my best behavior, because I like the fact that people are caring about the political process. But I just predict intolerance from this movement. (BTW, there might be common ground for discussion, on the Coffee Party facebook page they linked to an article about how the Senate health care bill provides all sorts of loopholes for insurers to game the system. An opening discussion point might with a lefty type might go like this. "Hey I noticed how forcing more Americans to purchase health care is a big windfall for the insurance industry. We must oppose such a calamity.")

And in the category of "I should have known better," the Daily Kossacks have dropped any pretense that they are against Obamacare because it doesn't contain a public option and are in full throated cheerleading mode. I think this means we can't count on any principles from House Democrat lefties who might vote against a bill that in fact violates many of their stated principles.

P.S. While writing this post, I signed up for that coffee party. Don't know if I'll go, any advice?


  1. B-Daddy, I'd be wary of going.

    You could be on your best behavior and actually engage some individuals on common ground conservatives have with good and committed liberals (i.e., crony capitalism) but you would be broad-brushed as a troll by the coffee party movement, in general.

    Good luck if you do go, though.

  2. I am tempted to go myself, simply to take notes and write about what occurred. I may still do so, but it would be in my capacity as a citizen journalist.

    If you do go, and I don't make it, I would love to read your thoughts about the event.

  3. Wow! Holy Moly, into the belly of the beast!

    I admire your spirit; however, these folks aren't interested in engaging in the arena of ideas, but how to beat us and advance their agenda. Also there is a "team" mentality about liberals that's hard to overcome, they believe conservatives to be mean-spirited at the out start and any pleasant behavior will most likely be construed as a "front".

    Good luck, I look forward to reading your report and I pray for your endeavor.

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