Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Lies from Obama on Health Care Insurance Alleged Reform

As expected, Obama called for abusing Senate rules and passing Health Care through reconciliation even though he earlier said that was a bad idea. Reconciliation is intended for purely budgetary matters, a point now conveniently ignored both by Obama and in the WaPo article quoted below. Just one more promise broken by The One. Time for Senate Republicans to go all out to stop this travesty. Others will dissect his speech elsewhere, I wanted to focus on some obvious lies from the WaPo article:

Declaring that "it's time to give the American people more control over their own health insurance," he said his proposal represents "an approach that has been debated and changed and, I believe, improved over the last year." He said it "incorporates the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans," including some that GOP participants offered during last week's "health-care summit," such as funding state grants on medical malpractice reform and curbing waste, fraud and abuse in the health-care system.

Of course, the proposal does exactly the opposite of give people more control over their health insurance, by imposing new regulations, requiring people to buy specified coverage and coercing a one-size fits all approach, his proposals do the exact opposite.
The best ideas from Democrats and Republicans? This bill incorporates only the suckiest ideas of Dems and pays lip service to a couple Republican ideas and fully ignores the bulk of their ideas. And what's this crap about ending waste, fraud and abuse? You have the full legal tools at your disposal to do that NOW, Mr. President. Get your AG off the stupidity of civilian trials for terrorists and get moving on something that will save us all some coin.
Dropping a few Republican ideas into a government takeover of health care is like sterilizing the needle before a lethal injection: a nice thought, but the ultimate outcome is the same.
Reconciliation is often called the nuclear option. Republicans need to credibly retaliate. MAD worked to tame the Commies in a bygone era, maybe it will work again.


  1. The guy is an idealogue, plain and simple. All of the ideas that worked in the faculty bull sessions are being forced on us now.

  2. Rush pounded this today as I was driving. Had to wonder how we get out the message to the people? For now, Dean, Bdaddy, Beck, Orielly. ......... are preaching to the choir.

    Are we gaining ground? I'd like to think so. I got the AboV, who have you converted lately? (But she's still got a Hillary sticker on her garage refridg, so I'm not convinced)

  3. Getting to the tea party. Keep writing my blog. That's my part. I think that our voices will really be heard in November.