Friday, March 19, 2010

Operation Code Red

A regular overseas reader in Lithuania, CZ, left this comment, that I wanted to liberate:

Just spent the last couple of hours sending emails to as many representatives as would let me. I thanked them for voting NO on this horrible health care legislation. I picked up this link from Carpe Diem blog. CodeRed is fighting the Obama/Pelosi Government Health Care Takeover. Representatives and contact info is here, how they voted in November and their current status. 29 are still undecided; we only need 11 more NO votes for this bill to die!!! See the Code Red site.

The site says it is down to 16 undecided with the "No's" having a one vote lead.

I might add that CZ and her husband are doing the Lord's work in Lithuania, helping the many orphans there when they make the transition to adulthood.


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  2. I'm still holding out hope that this monster can be killed.

  3. Thank you, B-Daddy. It's nice to be remembered. Blessings!