Friday, March 5, 2010

Quick Hitters

San Fran Chronicle headline:
Bdaddy responds in the comments: I disagree with this article and the Constitution is on my side:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

Ever notice how Democrat favored policies have a racist outcome, even if Dems aren't racist? Welfare trapped minorities into a life of dependency. Racial quotas breed resentment of minorities. Public school monopolies primarily put inner city minorities at a disadvantage. Abortion impacts blacks disproportionately more than whites. The latest? Minimum wage increases enacted in 2007 are strongly correlated with increasing black teen unemployment. The WSJ has the story, but here is the picture worth a thousand words.

Speaking of harm to the black community, Obama's lies about abortion and health care continue unabated. Despite promising to keep the balance of the Hyde amendment, here is what he is really up to.

The president's plan goes further than the Senate bill on abortion by calling for spending $11 billion over five years on "community health centers," which include Planned Parenthood clinics that provide abortions.

Finally, when will the Republicans do something to deserve our vote? They tossed Jim Bunning over the side because he had this CRAZY notion that any spending should be accompanied by a means of paying for it and he held up a bill extending unemployment benefits because of it. Instead of making him a poster boy for Democrat ridicule, and he plays the part well, the GOP should have gotten behind the idea. The public is anxious and fed up with the debt and deficits. The Tea Parties got started in opposition to porkulus, TARP and bailouts and a dread over the debt. WHEN WILL YOU GET IT, GOP?

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  1. I hads heard there was some fussing about Jim Bunning, but I didn't know what it was. Sheesh. Somebody call the Money Fairy because we need to hand out more monies.